“Colleen is an incredible human being with a tremendous heart of gold. That in of itself is healing. Her healing nature, gifts of spirit, along with Divine guidance allows her to assist individuals in their healing process. To say that she is only a “sound healer” would not do her justice considering the multi dimensional levels she works on when she facilitates a healing session. Her love of God and others, devotion to serve, and her level of integrity is far beyond any healer I have ever experienced. I am blessed to have been guided to The Mystic Gathering Center.”

Wedding Testimonial
“Both Joe and I agree that our ceremony was even better than anything that we ever dreamed of. You made the entire process not only easy but enjoyable! Both Joe and I couldn’t stop talking about it, as nervous as we both were you managed to make us feel calm and comfortable. The ceremony couldn’t have gone better…everyone LOVED it! From what we heard, an eagle and a flock of birds were flying above us throughout the ceremony. You are so good at what you do, thank you for sharing it with us.”

“I wanted you to know that since I’ve been coming and working with you, I feel lighter in spirit. That knot of anger that I have carried around for so many years, seems to have dissipated. In fact, I feel more growth in me as a person during our eight months together than the 25+ years of trying to work my Fourth Step (personal inventory). I think I’m finally ready to deal with my father’s death. And because of you, I know that my mother, sister, angels and the power within me, have helped me to finally rise above the hurt and begin to heal. Thank you, dear friend, for starting me on this incredible journey of self discovery. Life seems so much brighter to me.”

“Delightful Day! Dear Colleen What a day; the majority spent with you! Just this ‘short’ note, sincerely thanking you for a great experience ~ ! Holy Smoke! I (we) cannot say enough in words to describe the magic of your home. If crystals are an energy source, you have that market cornered but oh so tastefully. To take an existing structure and reshape it entirely to match your guidance and dreams is a bit of a true miracle, so hats off to you there! Onward we go, on Earth, in the vast Universe. Either we steer the wheel or by God, we’ll be flung by other forces not to our liking.”