The Mystic Whale is headed back out to sea ~ Blessings to all for 2016


Sound Healing ~ ~ Know Your Magnetic Field!

The Ancient Healing Practice for Today’s Modern World

Our world is made of sounds and frequencies which can be helpful or harmful. In rediscovering the art and science of sound healing, we can listen to certain tones & music to adjust & reprogram our energy field, instantly. Change negative patterning, harmful frequencies, and bring back into balance, your own natural resonance.

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The Story, The Healing, The Message (2 disks)

The Trilogy begins with Windfall of Life; The Story, a lyrical composition of my mother’s dying at her home in Mystic, Connecticut. Consisting of 9 tracks, Windfall of Life;  The Story is 59 minutes long, including  30 minutes of Barry Goldstein’s deep meditative music called The Journey.

Windfall of Light, The Healing  is a  19 minute guided meditation followed by another 19 minutes of the same background music. When you hear the magnetic sound  of a giant whale, you are invited to follow this ancient soul into the deep meditative healing of the merkabah light. Through the wisdom of our heart center and with peaceful intentions, we set sail aboard this ancient chariot of divine light for our sacred healing journey.

Windfall of Love, The Message, is a 13 minute guided meditation bidding you to walk an ancient path of Love. When you hear the sound of a single drumbeat or heartbeat, the Shepherd raises the shofar and calls you back in time. We are invited to meet in the old streets of Jerusalem, to gather with our sisters and brothers. As our true memory is restored, The Messenger appears and we receive the blessings of Infinite Love. Our hearts are finally healed and we are returned  in unconditional peace. No longer separated from our God, we can now follow the heartbeat of our divine discovery which is the remembrance of how to walk that ancient path of Love and Forgiveness. Drumbeat by Colleen Clabby. Another 13 minutes of Barry’s healing music concludes this CD and The Trilogy.

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For our very first accomplishment, we offer our CD Windfall of Life, a mystical, musical love story about a family’s experience with death, produced by Colleen Clabby (Mystical Road Productions™) and Barry Goldstein (Thinkbig Productions™).

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“From the opening thoughts of Death is Love to the poignant closing, Colleen Clabby touches universal chords. The ultimate gift of compassion is to share one’s own healing with others so that they in turn can heal as well. Colleen Clabby shares this gift selflessly! Thank you for touching my heart continuously throughout the process of creating this CD!”

—Award-winning composer Barry Goldstein

“My sister Colleen has given me a most beautiful gift. When I listen to her thoughts and memories of our mother’s death, I am comforted. When I hear her incredibly soulful voice fill the room with the words of my poem, I am honored. Colleen’s dedication to this important project has inspired me to be courageous and act with simple truth. I can be less afraid knowing that difficult emotions also carry love. And now, when the wild wind blows, I laugh because my mother went out in a blizzard, just the way she wanted it! Thank you, Colleen.”

—Connie Clabby, author and poet of Windfall.

“Colleen Clabby’s Windfall of Life is a conversation with the ‘Mother’ who lives and talks to all of us in our dreams and inner depths even though she’s departed from our physical touch. The separation of death no longer holds a spell over us and we are taken on a unifying exploration of the soul and how to survive transitions with the eternal love we carry in our thoughts.”

—Dr. J.J. Hurtak, author of The Keys of Enoch

“Colleen Clabby has produced an exquisite journey of love and healing in her creation of Windfall of Life. In this deeply personal account, Ms. Clabby endeavors to navigate her heart and soul through the pain and triumph of the death and dying experience. Three cheers to the beautifully elegant way she pulls this off. For anyone seeking truth and understanding in the face of transition, I highly recommend this CD.”

—Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved by the Light



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