Sound Healing ~ ~ Know Your Magnetic Field!

The Ancient Healing Practice for Today's Modern World

Our world is made of sounds and frequencies which can be helpful or harmful. In rediscovering the art and science of sound healing, we can listen to certain tones & music to adjust & reprogram our energy field, instantly. Change negative patterning, harmful frequencies, and bring back into balance, your own natural resonance.

WELCOME – to my home and sanctuary. For the past 10 years, The Mystic Gathering Center has served as a healing and teaching center. One of the healing modalities that we use is a vibro-acoustical sound healing table. It is a remarkable “journey of healing” combined with the frequency of tuning forks as well as my own intuitive spiritual guidance. A 90 minute “tune-up” allows for the soul to let go of the stress of worry and fear that is so mystifying in our world today. This can be done over the phone as well and works just as effectively. Offering 90 minute healing sessions for $150. For scheduling please call 860.823.8030 or email colleen.grace2025@sbcglobal.net. Remember how it feels to be at Peace & May your Life be Blessed.
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