Sound Healing ~ ~ Know Your Magnetic Field!

The Ancient Healing Practice for Today’s Modern World

Our world is made of sounds and frequencies which can be helpful or harmful. In rediscovering the art and science of sound healing, we can listen to certain tones & music to adjust & reprogram our energy field, instantly. Change negative patterning, harmful frequencies, and bring back into balance, your own natural resonance. With the therapeutic healing sounds of tuning forks & 90 minutes on the vibro-acoustical sound healing table, we invite you to experience this powerful & peaceful healing practice.

Mystic, ConnecticutWELCOME – to my home and sanctuary. For the past 8 years, The Mystic Gathering Center has served as a healing and teaching center.

As a native and resident of Mystic Connecticut, I am an All Faith Minister, Spiritual Counselor and Sound Healer Practitioner. My ministry and intuitive ability are tuned to the sacred experience of our living with health and happiness. I believe with all my heart, that we as divine, human beings have the intelligence and memory to heal ourselves.

One of the healing modalities that we use is a vibro-acoustical sound healing table. It is a remarkable “journey of healing” combined with the frequency of tuning forks as well as my own intuitive spiritual guidance.

A 90 minute “tune-up” allows for the soul to let go of the stress of worry and fear that is so mystifying in our world today. This can be done over the phone as well and works just as effectively.

We also conduct Sunday morning prayer and meditation as well as lead drumming circles.
Please join us when you can!

For price and scheduling please callĀ  860.536.5082 or email colleen@themysticgatheringcenter.com

Remember how it feels to be at Peace & May your Life be Blessed.

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

Michele-Halliwell-Please join us for a crystal bowl meditation with Michele Halliwell.


October 4, 2014
from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

The crystal bowls are sound healing instruments that take you on a vibratory journey into deep meditative states. Their resonance brings about healing on many different levels for each individual. In this experience we will begin with a guided meditation, move into a chakra balancing and then be immersed in a spectrum of meditative sound. As we set sail on this sound journey, we will ride the sound currents into higher states of consciousness for peace, harmony and balance.

For more information call 860-536-5082. Please call to reserve a space. Exchange $25.